Our story

Brett Dellow is the owner of Jack Horner Interiors. With a long established career in antiques, Brett is a man who truly understands furniture and knows his craft. As one of the original “window dressers” at John Martins Department store in the early 70′s, his artistic ability and talent in visual merchandising is second to none. The “Jack Horner windows” are often used as an educational tool for students of this vocation and it is not uncommon to find admirers drooling on the footpath outside of 60 The Parade, Norwood, just taking in the artfully constructed window displays. His sales manager, Angelica Brown shares his passion for interior design. With a science degree from Adelaide University ( majoring in immunology and microbiology) and an Honours degree in Psychology and then a stint with the Medical Television unit at the Adelaide Childrens Hospital, she possesses an insatiable appetite for research. As co- owner of a fashion boutique, stocking their own designs, she spent the 80′s and most of the 90′s in the “artistic occupation” of fashion design. Jack Horner Interiors has enabled her to combine her thirst for knowledge with the passion she has for furniture and design, where she spends hours researching the latest trends and tracking down fabulous items from around the globe. A true “left hander” , art won out over science. Having many many years of combined experience, this duo believes there is no substitute for experience and that Jack Horner’s iconic status is well earnt……

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